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BreastGlobal has been established by a group of like minded individuals who believe that access to specialist breast training should be universal, regardless of geographical location.This online portal has been created to bridge the gaps in knowledge by providing a single platform where experts, trainees and industry can have access to a plethora of global learning and training opportunities.

There is great inequity in the field of cancer care provision and although the west has now fully embraced a ‘less is more approach’, radical approaches are still widely prevalent in the developing world. We are committed to promoting holistic, patient centred care from diagnosis to living beyond cancer and survivorship. We hope to empower breast clinicians across the globe by providing them with opportunities for learning and professional development.

We believe that the primary barriers to progress are a lack of education and exposure. We aim to promote all educational events across the world regardless of who is organising them and encourage our subscribers to join these events by objectively highlighting their merits. This platform will provide links for registration, educational videos and other academic activities and events.